Why Bucketsaver?

Bucketsaver - Rubberized silicone bucket liner is perfect for mixing a variety of industry standard products. These bucket liners are cost efficient and pay for themselves by extending the life of each bucket and reducing the need to buy new buckets.

Save up to 40 store trips/year buying new buckets.

Save on labor having to wash your buckets after every use.

Show professionalism by keeping driveways and lawns clean from cementitious stains.

Built in measuring system allows for quick and accurate pouring.

Quick and Simple

Using the Bucketsaver is as easy as pie.

Simply place the Bucketsaver inside your 5 gallon bucket.
Pour the thinset or grout inside.
Wipe the inside walls when done.
Let it dry overnight.
Next day, throw away the waste.

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  • BucketSaver - Isaac Ostrom from TileCoach - 5 gallon reusable bucket liner

    Isaac Ostrom - TileCoach

    "We've been using the Bucketsavers on all our tile projects. We love them because they save us time and money. They are easy to use and the measurement markers give us perfect thinset everytime."

  • Paul - Rudometkin Sweet Home Builders

    I constantly struggled with my employees leaving stains in the lawns washing out buckets or simply leaving buckets unusable after not cleaning them. BucketSaver is now a must have for all my tile work. Saves a ton of time and leaves the job site much cleaner.

  • Juan Ortiz - Ortiz & Sons

    It's one of those products i didn't know i needed until i had it. At the end of the day when i'm tired and wanting to go home, the very last thing i ever want to do is spend an extra 20 minutes cleaning a bucket. No more cleaning buckets for me. 20 minutes a day adds up after a while.

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