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Bucketsaver - 5 gallon reusable rubber bucket liner

5 Gallon Bucket Liner

NOTE: We are currently out of stock and will be fulfilling orders by July 31, 2023. We are still accepting backorders

  • Save up to 40 store trips annually by reusing your bucket! 
  • bucket liner created for industrial applications. 
  • Save on labor costs by having to clean out your buckets at the end of each job. Let the cement/thin-set dry, then invert it and dump the pancake. 
  • Stay professional by staying clean. No more wet thin-set stains on the driveways or lawns of your customers. Impressions matter. 
  • The liner fits all standard 5-gallon buckets.  
  • Reusable. 
  • For use with cementitious-based products. 
  • Has accurate volume markings embedded into the silicone on the inside of the bucket for easy measuring. 
  • Quality Control (QC) checked by the United States quality oversight team. Designed in the USA. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Paul Parks
Works, but...

Bought this for thinset, at the end of the day, I left thinset to dry as seen in videos... But the thinset I am using is Tri-lite, it's a got a lot of adhesives in it.. the next morning it took a long time to get the dried thinset off the bucket . Honestly, it would have taken less time to clean it out at the end of the day. I still use it to save the buckets from getting torn up from mixing. It does take less time to clean the liner out than it would the bucket.

Margo Myers
I wish I had this 20 years ago.

This Bucketsaver is awesome. It makes it easier to mix and definitely a times saver cleaning up.

Scott Kerfoot

It performs well in all jobsite conditions.

Jeff Bucci
Saving bucket loads of money

This helps my bottom line. Every tile installation company with lazy employees needs a few bucket savers!

Fidel Ocampo
Save time and money

This bucketsaver is a game changer. It save me time on clean at the end of day and don't need to buy another HD bucket. I will order another bucketsaver.